Irian ;(文娇) ; ; ; ; ;英语二十一班 ; My roommates Seven months ago, I took my luggage to IBS with my dream of studying English well. I was attracted by the peaceful school c.
Irian  (文娇)         英语二十一班

My roommates

Seven months ago, I took my luggage to IBS with my dream of studying English well. I was attracted by the peaceful school campus. Air is so fresh; trees are planted here and there. There is also a lake near the living building. After the registration, I was led to the Room 623 on the sixth Floor in the living building. Five friendly girls welcomed my arrival with sincere smile on their faces when I entered the dormitory. I was sure they must be my roommates who would accompany me to spend one year’s study here. All of them are so kind. Immediately two of them helped me make the bed and three of them helped me baggage in good order. With their help, I got used to the environments here quickly… 
As time goes by, it has been nearly seven months since I came here, during these period, I find all of them are excellent
Luka is a very lovely and kind-hearted girl at the age of twenty-one, she is also the monitor of our dormitory; she takes charge of our dormitory without any complaint. Once our dormitory was out of electricity and we were all studying in the classroom only leaving Luka alone in the dormitory at that time, she had just finished her favorite horrible American TV series named Vampire Diaries. She felt very scared. She went downstairs to ask the guard for help, but unluckily the electrician has got off work. She didn’t want to disturb us, so she just stayed in the dark dormitory alone till we got back to the dormitory. We saw her shaking with fear at that moment. This is Luka who always do her best to prevent us from any problem.
Alice is the most diligent in our dormitory. She devotes all her emerges to the study. She gets up in the early morning and goes to bed till the night. She refuses all the after-school programs except the day that we are general cleaning that she comes back earlier. Sometimes she even misses the meat time and just eats some bread as meal. She treasures every minute in her life.
Shirley has the same name as our head teacher. She is not only intelligent but also gorgeous. She is very positive about study, studying hard every day. Her pronunciation is very standard. When I listen to her speaking English I feel very enjoyable. Facing the compliment of us, she always replies with the most expression “Just not too bad!” She likes travelling all over the country. After her trips, we can always get some souvenirs from her.
Natasha is a little exotic. At the beginning, we considered her as a foreigner. She is of great independence in the daily life. She goes doing very well with all the classmates and roommates. When someone meets problem, she is used to turning to her for help and she can always solve them immediately.
Winky is an enthusiastic girl. She takes care of everybody in the dormitory. She would like to make us relax after the stressful study atmospheres. She shares her happiness with us and hides her pain. She is also very ambitious. She usually solve the problems by consulting teachers and after the teachers’ analysis, she can get the idea soon. She is the student that every teacher likes.
Each of them has her own character, but one is the same, the team spirit. The committee is based on the members’ team spirit. When it comes to the team spirit in our dormitory, I am really proud of it, for example, we always keep the dormitory clean and put the things in good order. We have general cleaning every other day. During the general cleaning, we divide the work into six parts. Everybody finishes her work as her duty. We have formed a habit of doing it. We have never dreamt of winning the first prize and getting some notebooks that our school awards us, but the really happens to us every month. We always keep silent when others are sleeping in order to avoid disturbing them. 
We love here with unity and harmony. I really wish time wouldn’t go by so fast that I could live together with them longer. But I know it is impossible, so I cherish every minute I spend with them. Wish them a brilliant future.
                           From Class twenty-one
校园静谧的环境深深地吸引着我,空气是那么的新鲜,处处都有郁郁葱葱的树,并且在公寓楼的旁边还有一个湖。 办完了登记手续,我被带领到6楼623宿舍,当我进到宿舍时,迎接我的是5位笑意盈盈的女孩子,我肯定她们就是将和我一起度过一年学习时间的学友和同伴了。她们每个人都那么和蔼可亲的,其中两位立即就帮我铺床,其余三人帮我把行李整理好,在她们的帮助下,我很快就融入到新的环境中了。。。。。。
Luka 是一个非常可爱而善良的21岁的女孩,也是我们的宿舍长,她毫无怨言地承担着宿舍的一些事务。一次,宿舍停电了,而我们几个都到教室里晚自习去了,只留下Luka一人在房间,那时她刚看完她喜爱的一部美国惊悚片连续剧《吸血鬼日记》,停电的黑暗让她怕极了,跑到楼下找保安帮忙找电工,不巧的是电工也下班了,而她不想打扰到我们,就那么一直在黑漆漆的宿舍里呆着知道我们回来看见她在那里发抖,这就是Luka,她总是尽力不让问题困扰我们。
Natasha 是个小“洋人”,开始时我们都把她看作是外国人,生活中她很独立自主,与同学和室友都相处得很好,谁遇到问题她都会伸出援手,而且总能很快解决问题。