beside 与 besides 其实只差了一个字母s,但却有各自不同的意义与使用方法,这真是英文尤其恼人之处!

beside 与 besides 的区别是?

beside 与 besides 其实只差了一个字母s,但却有各自不同的意义与使用方法,这真是英文尤其恼人之处!

英文老师贴心地整理出 beside 和 besides 的相关用法,让你在之后遇到这两个字而不知如何分辨时,能有个遵循的依据!

1. Beside 有三种用法:

(1) Beside (prep.) 在旁边,“ at the side of”

(2) Beside oneself 极度兴奋、神智失常

e.g. Luke was beside himself when Obi-Wan Kenobi died. 当Obi-Wan Kenobi逝世,Luke陷入神智失常。

(3) Beside 和……无关、离(题)

e.g. That’s beside the point! 这偏离主题了!

2. Besides 有两种用法:

(1) in addition to 除了……之外

e.g. Who was at the restaurant besides Chewbacca and Han Solo? 除了Chewbacca 与 Han Solo以外,谁在餐厅里?

e.g. Besides watching Star Wars, what else do you like to do? 除了欣赏星际大战电影之外,你还喜欢做什么?

(2) An after thought 事后的想法

e.g. I don’t want to go outside. It’s too cold. Besides, Jar Jar Binks is here. 我不想到外头去,天气太冷了。而且Jar Jar Binks在外面。

e.g. I’m too tired to blow up the Death Star. Besides, we need to fix R2-D2. 我已经累到无法炸毁死星了。而且我们需要修理R2-D2。

(3) except 例外

e.g. No ship besides the Millennium Falcon can fly that fast. 除了Millennium Falcon之外没有船舰能飞行得如此之快。

3. 练习:

(1) _______ studying for your test, what else will you do tonight?

(2) Do you want to sit _______ Alice or Aya?

(3) That’s ______ the point!

(4) _______ Raj’s house, every house in the neighborhood has a driveway.

4. 解答:

(1) Besides

(2) Beside

(3) Beside

(4) besides