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2012/11/3 14049 zhibs
市场调查报告英文范文,珠海IBS英语学校编辑接下来会给大家介绍不同场合情况下商务英语函电知识,本文介绍关于市场调查报告英文范文! 什么是市场调查报告? ; ; ; 市场调查报告是根据市场调查研究活动及调查结果写出的分析性的书而报告, 是经济调查报告的一个重要类别.市场调查的目的是为有关部门提供参考依据,可 以是为了制定长远的战略性规划,也可以是为制定某阶段或针对某问题.



      市场调查报告是根据市场调查研究活动及调查结果写出的分析性的书而报告, 是经济调查报告的一个重要类别。市场调查的目的是为有关部门提供参考依据,可 以是为了制定长远的战略性规划,也可以是为制定某阶段或针对某问题的具体政策 或策略。

      标题是由调查对象的名称及内容组成的;引言部分对调查对象做简单介绍,或者 写出调查的意图或目的,一般这里会设问题;然后介绍调研方法,对于调查报告来讲, 这是至关重要的;主体部分要结合调研得到的数据等来分析调查对象或现象产生的原 因、实质等;最后基于调研结果、总结出自己的看法。


Investigation Report of Traffic Restriction on the Vehicle Market


      As the living standard has been raised in recent years,more and more people show strong desire for cars and their dreams come true in the increasingly heated trend. As a result, more and more cars have nudged into the crowed streets and dragged us further away from the clean air and blue sky. Last year, from July 20 to September 20, the Municipal Government of Beijing first launched the regulation of traffic restriction, and as it took effect remarkably, this regulation is approved to continue for another period this year. What will this regulation impact the vehicle market here in Beijing? METHODOLOGY

      From August 10 last year till April 10 this year, we have been doing a sample investigation on the vehicle market, by face-to-face talk, through telephone interview and survey on-line, with people in hotels, shopping malls, living communities as well as office buildings to see what the impact is.


      •The impact on younger car buyers: the survey result shows that more than 57% young car buyers give up the idea of buying cars for the time being. They argue that the traffic control means that they can’t drive their cars to work everyday, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to their daily life since most of them have to buy houses quite far from the city center for the low price there so as to be able to afford the car.

      •The impact on older-aged car owners: as the survey suggests, the older-aged car owners remain the mainstream of the private car holders, which accounts for 72.6% in the surveyed people. Most of them choose to buy another car, whether it’s brand-new or second-hand, to deal with the odd-even alternate traffic restriction, that is, they can have a car to drive everyday.


      From the above findings, we tend to ask “Can the restriction really restrict the number of cars on the street?” Although the younger cars buyers postpone their plan for cars, the majority, that is, the older-aged car owners choose to double their cars. Therefore, it’s safe to come to the conclusion that the traffic restriction has little im-pact on the vehicle market.




      近年来,随着生活水平的提高,越来越多的人钟情于轿车,在不断升温的 购车热潮中,他们也都梦想成真。结果,越来越多的车挤进了本来就已拥挤不 堪的街道,使得空气更加污浊,天空更加暗淡。北京市政府于去年的7月20日 到9月20日实行了交通限行令,由于效果明显,今年该规定得以延续。那么这 一规定将对北京的车辆市场产生什么影响呢?


      从去年8月10日到今年的4月10日,我们通过当而问答、电话釆访、网 上调查等方式对宾馆、商场、住宅区和写字楼里的人做了抽样调查以检验该规 定对车辆市场的影响。


      •对年轻购车者的影响:调查结果显示有超过57%的年轻购车者暂时放弃了买车的计划。他们的理由是,限行意味着他们不能每天都有车开,这 将给他们的生活带来很大的不便,因为他们中的大部分人,要想买得起 车就得住在远离市中心的地方(房价低)。

      对中年车主的影响:调查结果显示,中年车主仍是私家车的主流群体, 占到受访者的72.6%。对于单双号限行的举措,他们大都选择再买一辆 车,不管是新车还是二手车,这样他们就能每天都有车幵。


      从上述调查结果来看,我们禁不住要问:“限行真的能限制路而上的车辆数 量吗? ”尽管年轻购车者暂缓了买车计划,但主流群体,即中年车主却选择再 买一辆。因此,可以肯定地说交通限行的举措对车辆市场的影响甚微。



      1.“限行”:Traffic Restriction/Control/Car-ban

      如:The Traffic Restriction Rule in Beijing has kept thousands of private cars off the city streets in an attempt to ease the traffic jam and clear up the polluted sky.

      2.“实行、实施”限行:impose/launch/carry out/implement

      如:The Municipal Government of Beijing first launched the regulation of traffic restriction from July 20 to September 20 last year.

      3.“单双号” :Odd-even License Plate

      如:The Odd-even License Plate Rule brought in to keep cars off the streets of Beijing during the Olympics will be lifted in some areas from Thursday, the city’s Traffic Management Bureau said.






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