"Le Yangyang" are the mascots for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. The mascot was released on Monday, April 28, 2008. (Photo credit: chinanews)Photo Gallery>>Five sporty goats, dubbed "Le Yangyang," will serve as the mascots of the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou.

The five goats, A Xiang, A He, A Ru, A Yi and Le Yangyang, are a play on Guangzhou's nickname, "City of Goats," China News Service reports.

The mascot design came from a legend about five immortals who took five goats to Guangzhou, each holding an ear of corn in its mouth. There, the immortals prayed for an end to famine, then flew into the sky as the five goats turned into fossils.

The Chinese character "yang" or "goat" is also an auspicious symbol. The mascot is believed to bring harmony, blessings, success and happiness to the Asian people.

Officials held a gala on Monday evening to mark the event in Guangzhou.

Referred to as the Asian Games Asian Games Asia's largest integrated Games held every four years term with the Olympic Games held in interphones. Initially sponsored by the Asian Games Federation in 1982 by hosting the Olympic Council of Asia. Since the beginning of the first session in 1951 has so far held 15 sessions. International Olympic Committee recognized the Asian Games as an official Games in Asia.

16th Asian Games in 2010 November 12-27 in Guangzhou China and Guangzhou is China's second city to obtain the right to host the Asian Games. Beijing had in 1990 held the 11th Asian Games. Guangzhou Asian Games will be located 41 events the history of the Asian Games are the largest events ever. Guangzhou Asian Games will be held after the Tenth Asian disabled.

March 2004 a total of four cities hosting the Asian Games: Guangzhou Kuala Lumpur Seoul (Seoul) Amman; but the other three bidding cities have decided to quit competing. July 1 2004 OCA announced that Canton was the right to host the 16th Asian Games.
Asian Games emblem on November 17 2006 Sun Year-end Memorial Hall in Guangzhou solemnly announced to the symbol of Guangzhou - "wuyang statue" as the main outline of the design patterns become the emblem of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.
Apart from the Olympic Games has 28 the Asian Games there are 13 non-Olympic Games including the new Go wushu dragon boat and other Chinese traditional items.

November 26 2006 the Sixteenth Asian Games Organizing Committee was held in Guangzhou Zhongshan Memorial Hall in 2010 Asian Games emblem launch from Canton Zhangqiang designers design a symbol of "Guangzhou" Guangzhou has become the emblem design Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games emblem. The logo design to the increase in soft lines form a shape similar to the outline shape wuyang torch symbolizing the Asian Games torch burning and never extinguished. Embodies the symbol of Guangzhou city Guangzhou has also expressed the people's aspiration but also the performance of the Games should be dynamic.
Guangzhou Asian Games mascot named LeyYangyang a set of five kinds for the largest number of previous Asian Games mascot. "Wuyang" the city of Canton are the most famous a sign to five sheep as a mascot fully reflects the host country host city of the historical background spiritual outlook and cultural charm. It has five sheep with the Beijing Olympic mascots "Beijing welcomes you" similar name the image of sports are stylish five sheep respectively named "Xiang" "Ah and" "such as the Arab-Israeli" "Ah Yi" "LeYangyang" form a "harmonious smug music titled"。expression of the people in Asia Guangzhou Asian Games will bring "good luck harmony happy successful and happy" the good wishes and also conveyed the current Games "harmony passion" philosophy.
Guangzhou Asian Games Mascot of creativity from the Canton city legend. It is said that a long time ago Canton had once occurred famine year after year people living in dire poverty. One day the sky has five immortal respectively Imago riding mouth of 5 cents sheep Canton come. Xianren the rice to the Guangzhou people and wish never famine here and five cents into a stone sheep to stay in Canton. From then on Guangzhou Lingnan into the most affluent places. Thousand years ago the "title wuyang Valley" legend making the "wuyang" has become the most famous city of Canton a sign.




广州亚运的吉祥物取名乐羊羊,一套5种,为历届亚运会中数量最多的吉祥物。“五羊”是广州市最为知名的一个标志,以五只羊作为吉祥物,充分体现了东道国、主办城市的历史底蕴、精神风貌和文化魅力。这五只羊有着与北京奥运会吉祥物“北京欢迎你”类似的名字,形象是运动时尚的五只羊,分别取名“阿祥 ”、“阿和”、“阿如”、“阿意”、“乐羊羊”,组成“祥和如意乐洋洋”,表达了广州亚运会将给亚洲人民带来“吉祥、和谐、幸福、圆满和快乐”的美好祝愿,也同时传达了本届运动会“和谐、激情”的理念。