英文老师整理了 5 个常用的句型并举出例句,让你可以轻松学会”need”的所有常见用法。

1. Main Verb─require/necessity


ex. We need to help her.

ex. I need more time to finish the project.

2. Auxiliary Verb─question


ex. Need we wait any longer?(Yes, you must./NO, you need not. )

3. Negative main Verb

ex. You need not ask my permission to leave.


ex. I need hardly say that I am very interested in this offer.

ex. We need hardly say that we are eagerly looking forward to meeting you.

4. Need + Have + Past participle


ex. She need not have lost her temper. (He lost her temper but that was unnecessary.)

ex. You need not have refused that offer. (You refused that offer but you shouldn’t have done that.)

5. As a noun


ex. Education is a need.

ex. What is the difference between a need & a desire?

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