A: Hello! 
  B: Hello! Glad to meet you. 
  A: Tell me something about yourself, please. 
  B: My name is Wan Mei and I live in Guangzhou. I was born in 1978. I am a student of Jinan University. I have majored in Public Administration. I like travelling very much and enjoy sports. I am in the tennis club at my university. 
  A: Your application form says you were out of school for half a year during  high school. What was the reason? Were you ill? 
  B: Oh, no. My father's job took him to America for six months then, and he decided to take the whole family along. 
  A: So during that time you went to high school in the United States?   B: Yes, it was just for a few months, but attended Johnson High School in Chicago. 
  A: There was a year between the time you graduated from high school and entered the university. What were you doing during that time? 
  B: I spent a year doing things a person doesn't have time for. I traveled several countries. 
  A: Do you think you are more outward-looking or more inward-looking?   B: Well, something I want to be by myself, but most of the time I prefer being with a group of people, so I guess you'd may I am rather outgoing. I was really very active in my university club.
A:From reviewing your resume I can see that you have ample experience for this position.What I want to know is why you think you’re right for the job.
从你的简历,我可以看出你在 方面有丰富的经验。我想知道为什么你认为你适合这份工作。

B:Well I’m impressed with what the company has done in the past and I think by hiring me the company’s future can only be brighter. I find that my personal goals and ideas about business operation

A:So you’ve acquainted yourself with the company. It’s refreshing to interview someone who’s sure of what they want.

B:Yes, I believe that it’s crucial for me to know if a company is right for me, not just if I’m right for the company. I’ve only been impressed by what I’ve read and heard and I see myself having
是的,我觉得了解公司是否适合我也很关键,而不仅仅是我是否适合公司。 我所见所闻给我的印象很深,我觉得我在这儿能开创有价值而且成功的事业。

A:Commitment to the company and the team is very important to us here.

B:Well I’m definitely a team player as well as being highly self-motivated. I believe this company can fulfill my long-term goals and offer me great upward mobility. Therefore you will find in me a very loyal employee



Interviewer: I'd like to know the salary you expect.

Applicant: My salary requirement may be too high, and I hope my primary will not be lower than RMB 4,000. First, I think I am an excellent graduate. Though there will be a transition period, I will soon make profits for the company. What's more, I think if a company is willing to pay a high salary for a post, it also indicates its importance. And only in this situation can I be convinced that I can get more learning opportunities and better prospects.

Case Two
Interviewer: I'd like to know your salary expectations.

Applicant: Since I am a recent graduate , there will be a transition period after I enter the company. So at the beginning, the profits I make for the company will be limited and I don't have specific requirements. But man has to survive. So I hope the salary will be enough to help me to be economically independent from my parents.

Case One
Interviewer: What do you want most from your work?

Applicant: I hope to get a kind of learning, to get skills from my work. Though I have studied in school for nearly 16 years, I have only learned knowledge. In the university, I got no chance to see real life and didn\'t get working skills. So I want to learn some working skills and become a professional in an industry.

Interviewer: Why did you choose us?

Applicant: As the saying goes, "well begun is half done". Your company is a famous one in the industry and boasts a high reputation. I hope to choose your company as the beginning of my career. I can not only learn new things, but set a solid foundation for my future career as well.

Case Two
Interviewer: What do you hope this job will give you?

Applicant: I hope this job will give me a chance to take responsibility. In more than ten years' of study as a student, I have never taken any responsibility in any real sense or earned money for a company. I think people can only become mature by taking on responsibility. I hope this work will give me the chance to develop fully.



Case One
Interviewer: You are a director of our company and you are in charge of a project. There are six people in the project team. Due to different opinions, the team is split into two parts at a meeting and they are debating ferociously. At this time, as a leader, what will you do to coordinate the two parts? If the two parts disagree, what will you do then?

Applicant: First, I will listen to both sides carefully, and make my own judgment. If I prefer one side, I will give facts and data to persuade the other side. If my opinion is between the two sides, I will also give facts and data to prove my opinion right. It is better that the two sides will agree on it. If not, I will stick to my opinion and allow the colleagues who keep reserved opinions to give more data and communicate with me. In short, my principle is that everything should be based on data and facts. Every colleague has the right to express his opinion. I will try my best to make all people agree on one thing. If I fail, I will make my decision, as a leader.


Case Two
Interviewer: You are now a team member and if your leader has made a decision but you don't quite agree with this decision and other members don't express any special opinions, what will you do?

Applicant: If my leader has made a decision, but I myself don't quite agree with this decision and other members don't express any special opinion, I will still express my opinion. If the leader doesn't agree with me, I will make my own judgment. If this decision isn't very important, then as a team member, I will act according to what the leader has decided. If this is a key decision, I will gather related information to support my view and try to persuade my leader.